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we previously posted about the most common seabirds that you skin actives coupon code may see during a Hornblower Whale Watch cruise. We also saw a school of Yellowfin Tuna. We also saw a pair of Fin Whales. Both the main salon and dining deck provide panoramic views, complemented by a walkway encircling the entire yacht. Today was a baleen whale extravaganza with a couple species of toothed whales mixed. Below are the most common seabirds spotted in San Diego Bay and along the coast. Earnesto at the wheel (his enthusiasm at seeing whales is always contagious). Our captain spotted five huge balls of tightly packed bait fish, splashes at the surface and seabirds diving from above.

While the ship was constructed mostly out of mahogany, the interior is done in warm dark cherrywood. We saw a total of 5 blue whales 1 fin whale, 1000 common dolphins, we saw a second pod of 500 dolphins later in our trip, and a sea lion as we came past the bait docks returning to home, the end of our trip. This indicates that the vaquitas are still disappearing at an alarming rate, despite the gillnet ban within their range. What a great day to start our second week of whale watching. We also spotted a Mola mola/ ocean sunfish and lots of frolicking Common Dolphins. We were privileged to witness a Cow/Calf pair of Blue Whales, rarely ever seen. Mixed in were travelers who were visiting San Diego to see whales and explore the ocean off San Diego. 07/14/18 1 Humpback Whale, 100 Common Dolphins. 06/30/18 5 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale, 1,000 Common Dolphins. We spotted 6 Blue Whales, a Fin Whale, along with 200 Common Dolphins mixed. As we neared the baitballs we noticed Read more Update: A recent report for the Vaquita Population as of August 2016, estimates that only 30 individual vaquitas are left! Ceremony, event/reception meeting capacity: Seven yachts are regularly available.