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please email us on email protected for the code. Flash50sale, we post exclusive deals from stores like. The fitness expert also added that if you're eating all of the right foods, there is no need to supplement your diet with pricey supplements, protein shakes and powders. Its a practical program designed for busy people with real lives. #noexcuseslife Lifestyle #noexcuseslife is designed to teach you how to eat well and train hard in every day life. #noexcuses will teach you a lot and is designed to set you up to continue with your journey and of course you can repeat the program as required for a reduced amount! #noexcuses 8 Week Weight Loss, you will be eating simple portion sized meals regularly and training 6 days a week (adjustable to all fitness levels).

Next Tuesday 15th July, my new training and nutrition programs wil l finally be launched!
After 2 years of hard work building them I can t tell you.
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Kim Beach, 38, from Sydney, is a fitness coach who has built up a following of around half a million.

It was so wonderful to have that daily support and contact with a group of like minded women on a similar journey! I asked some ladies recently about the support aspect of the programs and this is what they had to say: Ive never quite experienced a group with so much support and encouragement on a daily basis and the professional support from the team is outstanding. The 38-year-old health and fitness expert from Sydney has built up a network of half a million women around the world via her lifestyle programme - many of whom are in their forties and fifties. They became my tribe. I am also very proud of the personal support each program offers. Ms Beach swears by weight training (pictured) for middle-aged women; she said if you carry weight on your hips and arms, weights are the only way to get rid of it and tone up 'If you're spending more than an hour in the gym every.